Thank you for your interest in taking part in this historic Event, the closing of a 2000-year-old cycle in the history of the 3 major religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

This Event will determine the future of humanity as Hagit Rabbi will unveil the Truth about Jesus Christ, his life, and his mission in the Holy Land.

The lecture will was given in Hebrew

However, since this truly is a monumental moment in time, we ask you to stand with us in your thoughts, in order to right a fateful wrong, and bring about an atonement and a symbolic closure of this debt.

However, they will be active contributors to this Event.

The text of the lecture will be available in English shortly after the Event and thereafter in multiple languages, and a following Q&A session in English for Alma School for Humanity students will be scheduled in the near future.

The cost to participate in this live Event is 20.
To register and get the zoom link, please click the Registration button.

“Jesus Christ: The Real Story according to the Laws of Creation”.

To purchase and watch the lecture, please click here.

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