Frequently asked questions

Step 1

Once the video is opened, click on the “CC” icon to turn it on.
The  color of the CC icon will change when it is on.

Step 2
Click on the “wheel” icon, and find the Captions line.
By the way, you can choose the playing speed of the video by clicking on the Speed line.

Step 3
Choose your subtitle language by scrolling down and clicking on your desired language.

Step 1

Click on Our Courses on the Main Menu, and then choose: ”A New Human Being. A New World.”

Step 2
Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says, “Star
t your Journey”.
If you have not registered to this course yet, you will need to register by completing the registration form and clicking Register.If you have already registered, simply click “Login here.


Step 3

The next page, after you submitted your registration, will ask you to choose your support level.  You can choose from predetermined amounts or write your own amount. Click “Submit” once done.  

Step 4
Choose your payment method (credit card / paypal) and fill the relevant information to complete the  checkout process. This step needs to be completed even if you have selected not to provide any financial support to the school at this time.

Step 5
Once you place the order, you will get a “congratulation!” message. Click the “Start your journey” button to access the course and start learning…

Step 6

Once you register and log in, you will be able to open the lectures under each lesson by clicking the down arrow.
Then, click on the lecture you want to watch.

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