The Program for High Knowledge​


The Program for High Knowledge

The Program for High Knowledge is open for anyone who has completed the first three steps of the Alma School for Humanity curriculum, and who has a strong volition to continue to ascend to the highest level of consciousness that is possible to attain on Earth, at this time.

The root of this volition is not in the intellect, but rather, it emanates from man’s most intimate place, set deep within him, his spirit.​

This Longing is Expressed by:

However, these endless searches continue because the restlessness and the unexplained, almost painful, longing to find answers, to find the truth, to finally come home, persist.

Alma School for Humanity Program for High Knowledge addresses this longing by introducing the serious student to the Book of Creation and unveiling the complete Knowledge of all that exists between the Creator and man.

The revelation of this High Knowledge coupled with the personal sheer experience and its confirmation in life itself, will ultimately lead each man to the clarity and absolute conviction. According to his own personal journey, each student will undergo a transformation that will culminate with finding his unique calling in Creation and thereby also the ultimate most sublime joy.


Then, the spark of light within him becomes a
burning bush, never to be consumed.

The following are some of the topics the program will touch upon, in accordance with the Laws of Creation:

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