Our Courses

The program consists of a four-step journey, which leads the human spirit from the very bottom to the top of its attainable height.

A New Human Being.
A New World.

A free series of articles, lectures films and podcasts that touches on current affairs from the High Knowledge perspective of the Laws of Creation…

Gym for Life

Training the Spirit

Gym for life is a program that aims to enable every man and woman to recognize, develop and strengthen their spirit, allowing them to overcome their shortcomings, right their…


The Secrets of True Womanhood

The secrets of true womanhood are revealed in this empowering seminar available to women only…

Stories for the Soul

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Era

“Once upon a time…”
Since the beginning of time, stories have had the power to touch the human spirit…

The Program for High Knowledge

The Program for High Knowledge is open for anyone who has completed all other steps of the Alma School for Humanity curriculum, and who has a strong….