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Our School

The school is a Calling for the human spirit to recognize and fulfill its unique mission in Creation and dedicate it for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

The school draws from the High Knowledge of the Laws of Creation, that provides an answer to any and all questions concerning human existence.

This Knowledge is the Final Revelation from the Light to humanity, which it urgently needs, in order to successfully transition from the Old World to the New World.

The program consists of a four-step journey, which leads the human spirit from the very bottom to the top of its attainable height. 

Our Founder

Hagit Rabbi

When a man receives a Call from the Light, everything personal to him, loses its importance. He understands, at once, that all that had happened in his life before the Call to service, was only preparation for his time of fulfillment. The fulfillment of his spirit’s ancient, long forgotten promise to serve the Light.

Throughout my life, I have searched for the truth.
From a very young age, I looked in different places to find the answers to the big questions of the human existence.

I started with an academic pursuit at the departments of Philosophy and Talmud at the Hebrew University. Then continued to study Kabbalah and Hasidic Judaism directly with an orthodox rabbi. I further independently researched Eastern philosophy, various religions, psychology, communication modalities, alternative education, literature, poetry, music, nutrition, holistic medicine, and physical wellness.

I looked and sought, but I came up empty handed.

I did not find the truth. I did not find God. I did not find the meaning to life in a world that seemed increasingly sadder, colder, and alienated.

At that time, seemingly, I had everything any woman could wish for, but my spirit suffered terribly.

The year 2000 was a turning point in my life.

During a stay in South America, a mysterious book fell into my hands. It automatically drew me to it since the plan of the Light for my spirit simply had to lead me to it. This book revealed the complete and high knowledge about all that exists between man and the Creator and left me with no burning questions unanswered.

During seven years of exile, discovery and revelation in my own proverbial “desert” in South Chile, my consciousness ascended from a level of recognition to experience and ultimately to the level of utter conviction in the perfection of Creation and the Divine Love of the Creator.

Then, I also recalled the oath my spirit had vowed to dedicate my life to the service of God.

To bridge the sublime knowledge this book holds through the establishment of a school – is my mission in Creation.

In 2007, the first Alma Inspira school was founded in Buenos Aires. Thereafter, the school’s programs were also available in other places in South America.

The Covid pandemic signaled the beginning of a new era, and consequently, in 2021, I returned to my birthplace in order to establish the Alma Inspira school in Israel.

In 2023, Alma School for Humanity opened to the world and to all people, whoever and wherever they are.

However, a bridge has but one role: to allow safe passage
from one place to another.

My mission is fulfilled the moment the human spirit is able to cross the bridge to reach the ultimate knowledge, which was brought to humanity by those Chosen by God, and from there to ascend to the Luminous Heights.

If during this critical period for humanity, more human spirits hear the Call, remember their vow, and work to fulfill their mission, together, we would be able to ascend to the place intended for us all by the Light.

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