Stories for the Soul


Stories For The Soul

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Era

“Once upon a time…”
Since the beginning of time, stories have had the power to touch the human soul.

In other words, stories can clear blockages in the inner world of man and wake him up from his spiritual slumber, where he may spend most of the days of his life.

“Stories for the Soul” is an invitation to lay aside the answers provided by the intellect to the conflicts and challenges of daily life, and, instead, open up to a simpler yet deeper way of life, rooted in a long forgotten ancient wisdom.

The course consists of eight stories based on Hebrew folklore of ancient times and serves as an invitation to experience a wonderous world where fairies, kings, servants, fortune tellers (and even one prostitute) teach transformative lessons about the true meaning of life.

"Stories for the Soul" Touches upon the Following Issues:

"Stories for the Soul" is the third step in the Alma School for Humanity’s curriculum, and its goal is to broaden and deepen the spirit’s ability to fully grasp Higher Knowledge. It builds upon the knowledge gained in "Gym for Life" and the "Queen" seminar.

Registration for this course is open to anyone who completed the first and second steps in the school’s curriculum.

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