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The war in Israel
From a Higher Perspective

I was born and raised in Israel.

Like most Israelis, I was brought up to believe that all non-Jews hate us, because they are jealous that we are the chosen people and because we are the best.

I was warned that I have to be especially careful of Germans (because they are all Nazis) and of Arabs (because even if they are nice, at the end of the day, they will stick a knife in our backs.)

In the year 2000, when I first moved to South of Chile, all of these beliefs, collapsed at once, when I met a German woman and a Palestinian man, who became my closest friends.

At that time, Katharina, born in Berlin, became not just my friend, but my soulmate. And Joseph, who came from Bethlehem, was a beautiful reminder of the warm hospitality I experienced growing up in my childhood home, with my Middle Eastern parents.


Thus began my long inner journey, that will eventually lead to the collapse of all my false beliefs.

I came to understand my moving to South America, as a period of exile from my past, so that I could discover the Truth from the highest heights from the Light.

It was then, that I became a new human being, and I knew that the time would come – during the Days of the Final Judgement – when I would be asked to help other people – not only the people of Israel, but also of other nations.

That is the goal of the ALMA schools, and it is also the purpose of our lecture today.


In order to understand, what is going on in Israel today, we must first unveil and understand the true root cause of the war. And the root, as always – not just of war, but of all of humanity’s problems – is spiritual.

I want to start the lecture today by explaining what the term ‘chosen people’ means, from a spiritual perspective.

Based on the original meaning of this term, I will provide a brief overview of the history of the people of Israel, from the high perspective of the Light.

A chosen person or a chosen people, are those who are close to the Light, to God. This mean, that their spirit is at a higher level of development than others, and therefore they receive a special Power, in order to fulfill a mission and serve mankind.

A chosen one, is not one who arrogantly looks down at others and thinks that he is better, and therefore, others should serve him!

This is a distortion by the Darkness, of the concept of being chosen.

A fateful distortion, which will bring about disastrous results, to every chosen individual, and to the people of Israel as a nation.

Being “chosen” means bearing more responsibilities, not more rights!

Therefore, a chosen one who fails in his role and mission; meaning he does not use the Power and the blessings given to him by the Light, for the service of others – will bear the consequences of his failure, in a much more severe manner, than an ordinary person!


With this definition and understanding in mind, let’s move on to the history of the people of Israel:

At around 1800 BC, Abraham was chosen to be the father of a great and new nation, that would bring blessings to mankind, by bringing to the world the highest concept of the Godhead, that was possible at the time: “And in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3)

At around 1800-1500 BC the sons of Abraham, meaning the Israelites, were slaves in Egypt. However, it was precisely their suffering, that lead them to spiritual maturity and to the fulfillment of their mission, as the chosen people.

At around 1500-1000 BC the Exodus from Egypt takes place, and the Israelites receive, through Moses, the greatest treasure, and the most powerful support, for their continued development – the Ten Commandments and the Laws of Creation.

After many hardships in the desert, the Israelites reached the Promised Land.

Before entering it, they were given a warning to ensure they did not violate God’s Laws of Creation, because a violation against those Laws means treason against God and expulsion from the Holy Land, which vomits from its midst, whomever does not adhere to the highest moral behavior.

These warnings were:

“Keep all my decrees and laws and follow them, so that the land where I am bringing you to live, may not vomit you out.” (Leviticus 20:22)

However, the people of Israel betrayed their God and violated the Laws of Creation, which had been given to them, to bring them only blessings and prosperity.

At around 600 BC, the prophet Jeremiah had warned the people of Israel that the first Temple, would be destroyed if they did not purify themselves of their moral and spiritual decay.

The prophet Ezekiel – who lived at that time – warned them of another reason the Temple would be destroyed: idolatry within the Holy Temple itself!

However, Jehoiakim and Zedekiah – the kings of the people of Israel at the time – chose instead, to engage in continuous rebellions against the Babylonian kingdom and blame these external enemies, rather than take responsibility for their internal strife.

The people of Israel chose not to heed the admonitions of the prophets, and instead, chose to mock and attack all the messengers who were sent to them from the Light!

And so, in 586 BC, Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, destroyed the Great Temple of Jerusalem.

That’s why, it will not be incorrect to say, that from a spiritual perspective the First Temple was not destroyed by the evil Nebuchadnezzar, but rather because of idolatry, incest, and needless bloodshed!

In fact, the ancient biblical commentaries, tell us the Light intended for Nebuchadnezzar to destroy The Temple, in order to execute the Judgment of the Light upon the people of Israel, as a result of deviation from the Laws of Creation:

“When the evil Nebuchadnezzar came with the kings to Jerusalem, they thought they would capture it in a short amount of time. But God strengthened the people of Jerusalem, until the third year, for perhaps they would repent.” (Yalkut Shim’oni, Lamentations 1)

In 538 BC, following the proclamation of Cyrus, the founder of the Persian kingdom, the Jews were finally allowed to return from exile to the Land of Israel. They are even allowed to build there—for the second time—the Great Temple.

However, as time went on, the Jews once again allowed the intellect to dominate their religion. They cultivated a corrupt lust for status, and their deviation from the right path, again led to real danger.

In the absence of true spiritual leadership, a group of zealots, succeeded in dragging the entire nation of the people of Israel, into rebellion against the Roman Empire, despite the fact, that they should have known, they would face brutal defeat.

This time, special help was sent from the Light.

Help that was foretold by all the prophets – the coming of Jesus Christ at the Year of the Lord.

The suffering caused by the cruelty of the Roman Empire, once again enabled a small group of the people of Israel, to maintain the connection with the Light, so that the Messiah, could be incarnated among the Jewish people.

And Jesus was bound to be born to these people, because according to the Law of Attraction Between Homogenous Species, he could have only incarnated in flesh, to a people whose way of life – despite past mistakes – were still closest to the Truth.

Jesus brought with him the plan for redemption until the End of Time, but the people of Israel rejected it!

Jesus Christ was crucified!

And this was the real reason for the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD.

From the moment of the Messiah’s crucifixion, the people of Israel were stripped of their chosen status and sentenced to an exile of 2000 years.

An exile of suffering, ceaseless persecution, inquisitions, massacres, and finally the Holocaust. All of this, without ever realizing why its fate was so dire.

According to the Law of Karma, every effect has a cause.

So, what have we sown as a people, that this is what we reap?

Why do we have such terrible collective Karma?

How many more generations will live under this constant existential threat?

The leadership of the Jewish religion – which continues to be controlled by the Darkness to this day – hid from the people of Israel the Truth about the Messiah’s plan for the salvation of humanity, that the Jewish people were supposed to spread to the whole world!

The leaders hid the fact, that Jesus Christ was murdered, because the Divine Message he brought, threatened the authority and teachings of the esteemed religious leaders, who sought to obtain only money and power.

This institution continues to feed the bad karma of the Jewish people by enacting terrible religious laws that discriminate between Jews and Non-Jews and which developed into racism. They fed that bad karma by distorting religion and taking the name of the Lord in vain, which both kept many people away from believing in God, and bound others in blind, dogmatic faith.

The belief in many religions, that the Messiah is yet to come – is a lie!

It is the greatest lie, in the history of the people of Israel!

It is the biggest lie, that needs to be exposed during this time, when all truths will be revealed, so that the collective karma of the people of Israel, can finally change for the better!

And the exposure of this great lie, will not pass over the Catholic Church either, for the Church has distorted the history of Jesus’ life and his teachings so severely, it effectively crucified him a second time!

In fact, no religion will be able to escape the revelation of the Truth of the Last Judgment, because every religion has twisted the Word of God.

There is only one Divine Word. There is only one Truth!

Today, we have a historic opportunity to correct this karma, and it is crucial that we do not miss it again, like we did during World War II (I will deal with this in detail, in another lecture).


For now, I would like to continue with a brief history of the people of Israel, so that we can get to the present day, and to the war that is currently happening.

Since the 19th century, Jews from all over the world have been returning to the Land of Israel.

But this time, it was not the religious Jews returning, but rather secular, young Jews who had no interest in following the religious doctrines, and immigrated to Israel with the purpose of creating a model for the new Jewish man, which stood in complete contrast to the traditional, religious Jew: Tall, strong, beardless, capable of working the land and especially capable of protecting himself, so that there would never be a second Holocaust.

This return to the Land of Israel, was full of both positive and negative possibilities.

What were the positives? To say goodbye to the religious dogma, and to connect with God and the Laws of Nature with a fresh slate, and thus return to the original mission of spreading the Word of God to all nations.

What were the negatives? Continuing to cultivate racism and arrogance, as well as a culture of materialism and power, rooted in the belief that “my strength and the might of my hand brought me all this success.”

These negatives are the reality in Israel today, and have been accompanied by severe moral degradation, resembling what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah and in Atlantis.

Because the root cause of antisemitism, and especially of the Holocaust, has never been exposed, treated, and cured – Israelis view and interact with Arabs also through a lens of post-trauma, whereby they hold the limiting belief that they are under a continuous existential threat, and only the Israeli army (IDF) – which is the most powerful in the world – will then be able to save them.

Since Israel relies on its strength and might, trusting only in its military, it ignores the lesson that is so evident in Jewish history: defeat or victory depend entirely on the moral strength of the people, nothing else.

What does Hamas know that the majority of the Israeli people do not?

The Quran mentions the governance of the Holy Land, that God once gave to the people of Israel.

As the chosen people, they ruled it twice, and there they built two Great Temples. But because of their sins, both temples were destroyed, first by the Babylonians and next by the Romans.

According to the Quran, God used the Babylonians and the Romans to expel the people of Israel from the Holy Land, because they had sinned against Him.

The verses end with the words: “And if you return, we too will return!”

These words are a key mantra of Hamas, which interprets them as follows:

If you Jews return to sin, we will also return to punish you.

That is: if you sin a third time, we will be the instruments to bring God’s Judgment on you.


Throughout the twenty-one years I lived in South America, I witnessed how the Jewish community, supported every operation and war in which Israel was involved.

This support came, first and foremost, from the fear that if the State of Israel was harmed, Jews outside of Israel would have nowhere to flee, if there was a second Holocaust as a result of the global rise of fundamentalist Islam.

This is another example of how this collective fear did not and does not allow the spirit to ascend and open up to alternative solutions presented by the Light.

This fear and physical distance from Israel, also does not allow Jewish diaspora and all those who support Israel’s side in the war – to grasp the enormous cost of war, which creates and piles trauma upon trauma. These traumas will take generations to heal.

Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes.”

Isn’t it time to choose sanity and, as a nation, stop this horrific cycle?


During these Days of the Final Judgment, the Law of Cause and Effect operates at an accelerated speed, so that the cycle of karma will soon come to a close for each soul, each nation, and for all of humanity.

So, what will we choose: destruction or healing?

We are not supposed to sit around and wait helplessly, to reap our bad karma. Rather, we are meant to atone for our sins, and by doing so, allow a symbolic closing of the karmic cycle, by the Grace of God.

We do not need to fuel hatred and revenge. We also do not need a
“quick fix pill”, for our fear that will calm us, for only a few hours.

Instead, we need to undergo a spiritual awakening, in order to grasp the big picture about this time of the Final Judgement, and understand where we went wrong, so that we can correct our ways, while we still have time.

We do not need to blame others but take responsibility and align ourselves with the Divine Laws of Creation.

We must ascend; we cannot sink any lower.

At the time of the greatest need, God’s help is closer to us than ever before!

So, it has been since the beginning of time and so it will be until the End of Days, for every human spirit that will swallow its pride, lift its eyes to the heavens, and open itself to God’s help.



The Plan for
The Salvation of Humanity

Why is there suffering in the world? Why precisely now, this suffering is reaching new heights in all countries, all nations and also intensifying for every one of us?

The answer is:

We suffer because we have lost connection with our spirit, with the Laws of Creation and with God (and I am not talking about religions).

We suffer, because we are completely oblivious to the real reason for which we are here on earth.

And this suffering currently has intensified and will continue to intensify because we are at a cosmic turning point. The time of the closing of all karmic cycles, in which humanity as a whole and each and every one of us will reap what we have sown during many incarnations.

This is a time that different cultures, prophecies, and revelations, referred to as the End of Days or the Day of the Final Judgment.

When people hear the reason for this suffering, they usually ask, “but why do we deserve to suffer if we are good people who don’t hurt anyone else?” or they’ll say, “we are religious people who believe in God, so why should we suffer?”

And they continue to ask:

“Why does it seem that the ‘bad guys’ are actually ‘faring very well’ during this time?”

Then they ask the obvious question:

“Why doesn’t God intervene in all this suffering?”

And often, the final question is:

“Does humanity have a plan for salvation? Is there a way out of this suffering?”

There are five parts to this article and I hope that once you have read and processed all of them, you will have the answers to these burning questions.


Part One: The Different Souls that Live on Planet Earth


The world’s population currently stands at about eight billion people.

Spiritually, it can be divided into seven groups.

I will define each group and describe the human souls that belong to each group, and as I do that, your task is to look inwardly and figure out to which group you think you belong.

The First Group: The Luciferian Souls

 What characterizes these souls?

  • They serve Lucifer (Satan) consciously.
  • They have a strong willpower, and they occupy key positions in politics, the media, science, the arts, and the various religions.
  • They hate humanity.

What is their purpose? 

To lead to the annihilation of most of humanity and to exercise total control over those who remain.

What are their strategies?

(These souls have brilliant strategies, of which we must become aware!)

  • Causing the disconnection of man from his spirit and from God, and chaining him to the materialistic world, which is actually the prison of the matrix.
    Please note that anyone whose consciousness level is materialistic – meaning that he cannot perceive reality beyond the five senses – is a slave to the Darkness and is imprisoned in the matrix even if he goes to demonstrations and writes posts against the New World Order.

Confusing the seekers of the Light by creating parties that seem to represent different opinions. Each time one of the groups is identified as the “bad guys” who are fighting the other group which is the “good guys.”
For example: Right and Left, Republicans and Democrats, etc. when in fact, the different parties in politics, are nothing but two sides of the same coin.

  • Masking their malicious and sick plans in a humanitarian cover as they market it to the masses.
    For example: the indoctrination of gender identity to children, allowing children to be ‘free’ to change their gender – if they don’t feel comfortable with it – without the need for parental approval.
  • Using women with cold Luciferian beauty to promote and arouse sexual promiscuity and fantasies, and most importantly to destroy true femininity, which will immediately lead to the destruction of true masculinity and the ultimate destruction of humanity.

I really hope that among the readers of this article, there is no one who finds himself belonging to this group…

The Second Group: The Evil Souls

What characterizes this group?

  • They are weak souls, which means they have no ability to generate energy or power on their own, so they have to draw it – like a vampire – from others.
  • They are bitter, are driven by hatred, and they openly act in an aggressive and sadistic manner. They have only one goal: to harm and cause distress and stress, because it gives them satisfaction. In fact, they get power from the suffering of others.
  • Often, one of their strategies is to appear as “poor, victimized people” in order to arouse pity from their prey and thus exhaust them to cause them suffering.

The Luciferian souls use these evil souls to attack humans who aspire to the Light and take away their power.

I hope none of the readers belong to this group either…

The Third Group: The Souls of Those Who Consider Themselves “Good People”

What characterizes this group?

  • This large group consists of people for whom it is very important to be appreciated and loved.  They want others to recognize and admire how “good of a people they are”. They are always nice and kind, because it is very important for them to gain recognition and receive applause. That is, the souls belonging to this group are sure that all their actions are for the benefit of others, but in fact what is really important to them – is only themselves!
  • They like to accumulate knowledge so that they can show off that  they know a lot.

Therefore, if suddenly they may lose appreciation or be forced to admit that there is something they may not know, they will insult and attack those who have higher knowledge than they do.

  • They reference themselves as the new future of a more humane humanity.

However, in practice these souls take concepts from the Light and adopt them only to the earthly dimension, and thus they promote the legalization of everything that is sick, as the new lifestyle of the modern man.

In the name of “Freedom and Justice”, which are concepts from the Light, this group promotes:

  • Feminism and equality between the sexes – although they are equal but different in nature.
  • Sexual freedom – which is nothing more than promiscuity because the spiritual connection is lacking.
  • The legalization of drugs – which further numb and deaden the mind.
  • The elimination of God and the Divine Power as the only Power that can bring healing and change.
  • The preoccupation with emotions, which is the most dangerous distortion as people fall for the illusion that this is the highest inner work. 

Those who have awakened to the lies of the matrix can also belong to this group because all their protests – as important as they may be – are only focused on fighting for earthly things: democracy, health, and money.

Paradoxically, these souls also aid the Luciferian souls because anyone who is only occupied with materialistic things, actually strengthens the matrix, and binds himself to it.

To what does this compare? 

To an unhappily married couple seeking therapy to resolve their marital issues only on a purely earthly level (dealing with such things as how much the husband helps around the house and the kids, how much money the wife spends, etc.). But all the therapy in the world won’t work if the root cause remains undealt with – the lack of connection between the husband and wife.

Sometimes the longing for something that is beyond the mere earthly rises in the souls of these “good people”, but most of them are too weak to propel themselves towards this higher goal.

Sadly, the fate of the souls belonging to this group will not be at all what they think!

They will not be the better future of a more tolerant humanity, but the first victims of those who used them.

Their world will collapse because they will not be able to provide solutions to a deteriorating situation in the world, which will worsen as the Final Judgement progresses.

Whoever, upon true reflection, recognizes himself as belonging to this group, can change his destiny, only if he agrees and undergoes a comprehensive reset of his entire belief system.

The Fourth Group: The Intellectual Souls Bound to the Material World

What characterizes this group?

  • They are neither bad nor weak, but they are considered spiritually indolent because only their intellect is active, which in many cases is brilliant.
  • Their motivation and ambitions are material and earthly for the benefit of themselves and those they love, and their slogans are: “You only live once” and “Here and now.”
  • This still doesn’t make them dark people, but because all the focus in their life is on the material, their souls are bound to matter, and this ultimately draws them to the Darkness and even to evil. 

When these people face the temptation for material gain, it leads them to act out of their dark side, that is to forget their values for the sake of that gain. Afterward, in order to quiet their conscience, often they donate money (Although they, of course, do not feel that they are in the dark since they have done nothing wrong.)

  • They are the ones who want to jump on the train at the last minute, because as long as they don’t recognize an immediate advantage, they will never change anything in themselves and their behavior.

The Darkness recruits its helpers from this group, as well – unconsciously and for a specific period of time – to topple and trap souls into the matrix.

These souls will have to stay behind, because their consciousness level does not match that of the new world.

Those who belong to this group will only be able to be saved if they manage to separate themselves from their attachment to material success; Like the man who asked Jesus: “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?” And since this was a man with an attachment to money, Jesus answered him: “… go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.” (Matthew chapter 19:16-22).

The Fifth Group: The Souls of the Seekers Bound to Dogmatic Beliefs

What characterizes this group?

  • To this group belong the souls of people who are very religious, but who have bound themselves to earthly establishments such as churches and priests, temples and rabbis, cults, or esoteric brotherhoods. They really seek the connection with the Light, but they are unable to perceive spiritual happenings, because their intuition is blocked due to blind obedience to the rigid laws and customs.
  • Even if sometimes, their intuition manages to break through their rigidity, they immediately suspect that it must be coming from the Darkness, because their feelings, which are controlled by the rules of their dogma, tell them something else.
  • This group also includes those who call themselves New Age seekers. But even they can perceive only what matches the knowledge they already have, and they lack the ability to objectively examine anything new.
  • They can accept a new idea, just as long as it flatters their ego and then they will stick to it happily.
  • This group likes to admire the messenger or their leader and not the content that he brings.
  • These souls are not completely lost and still have a possibility of salvation, but they are dangerous, because they twist and distort the truth.

Thus, only those from this group who can be truly and genuinely humble, who can put aside all that they believe and know as truth and accept the new, could still be redeemed.

Sixth Group: Awakened Souls Longing for the Light of the Truth

In this group are the true seekers among mankind.

What characterizes the souls of this group?

  • They are definitely not perfect souls. They are still required to atone and make amends for past mistakes, but their spirit blazes in search for the Light and strives upward.
  • They have not lost their connection to their spirit. Their intuition is still alive; therefore, they still have a connection to the spiritual sphere, also known as heaven.

They can be easily identified by one characteristic: they refuse to be attached to earthly material things such as: to people, to power, to influence, or to material possessions.  Hence, they are prepared – at any given moment – to leave everything behind them for a higher purpose, even if physically and monetarily it will be to their detriment.

It also means that they can leave behind opinions, beliefs, and knowledge, if they found something higher.

  • They are also honest and pure. That is, they don’t lie, scheme, or deceive.

Compared to the world’s population, this is an extremely small group, limited to only a few millions.

However, this group is the reason why the Light still maintains the corrupt world we live in and prevents its complete annihilation, as was the case of the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

If you listen to the opening lecture of the school, you will realize that this is the target audience of Alma School for Humanity, and if you feel that you belong to this group, then you are in the right place!

The Seventh Group: The Spirits of the 144,000 Called Ones

What characterizes this group?

The “Book of Revelation“, which is found in the New Testament, describes the events of the End of Days and the Day of the Final Judgment, and there it tells the story of the 144,000 human spirits, which bear the seal on their foreheads.

These are the spirits of the Called Ones who made a vow to reincarnate on earth during the Final Judgment and to serve God’s Envoy and mankind who can still be saved.

These spirits were prepared for their calling for hundreds and thousands of years, and through the vow they made, they are already connected to the Light of Truth and only need to regain their memory of it.

Each of these very powerful spirits has an army of helpers and guides from the Beyond as well as special protection so that they can fulfill their calling.

The fate of the world and humanity depends on these spirits!

They are the leadership of the Light for the sake of humanity!

They are the ones responsible for the fulfillment of the salvation plan of the Light for humanity!

You must understand:

God does not save anyone personally!

Divine justice is conducted automatically according to the Laws predetermined and created at the beginning of Creation and not personally by God. 

Likewise, no political or religious superman will come to save us!

The path of the Light is one: to send us messengers who bring us the salvation plan.

And salvation will not happen by waving a magic wand, but by a determined and courageous alignment with God’s Laws in Creation. It must be an uncompromising inner cleansing of all that is wrong and distorted.

Alma School For Humanity’s stated goal is to seek out these human spirits and help them to regain the memory of the fulfillment of their vow, because the fate of humanity – which can still be saved – depends on them.

Part Two: The School of Planet Earth

Imagine that our spirit arrives at the School of Planet Earth to grow and develop from an unconscious state to a conscious state.

This spirit enters the body in order to complete its studies and graduate in order to return home as a conscious spirit.

This is the ultimate goal of the school we are all in!

This world is a school, not our home!

The law of the Creator for this school is that every spirit has free choice.

A spirit can choose to develop close to the Light, when it recognizes that the material world is merely a necessary step for its development, but it is not its ultimate goal. Then its development will be fast and blessed.

But it can also be tempted to move astray from the Light toward the Darkness.

The Darkness is not fundamentally evil. It is only far from the Light. Whomever is tempted to choose it, (like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden) slowly enters a wrong path of development, in which he begins to perceive only that which is earthly and strive only for that which is material.  This ambition is what will eventually develop into evil.

If the spirit chooses to develop in darkness, its development will take much longer (many incarnations) and with greater suffering.

For those who are wondering why it seems that the Luciferian souls and the evil souls don’t really suffer at this school, 

I can assure you that the key word is “seems”. 

Because the entire battle between Light and Darkness takes place only in the material world, where free choice exists. 

Beyond the material worlds, there is no battle at all because there is no power stronger than the Light, and the Light always wins. 

Therefore, the seemingly ‘good time’ the evil ones are having is only of material value. In fact, they don’t know what true happiness is, and this is the reason for their inner emptiness which they try to fill with endless consumption. Only when they move on from this material world, they will surely realize their tremendous loss. 

Ever since the story of Adam and Eve in Paradise – a story that is actually a code – humanity has chosen to go in the opposite direction to the Plan of the Light, and therefore, the Darkness has gained power and with it evil arose and, of course, also suffering.

Many great messengers were sent to earth to warn humanity about this deviation from the right path, but the majority of mankind did not listen to their warnings. 

We find ourselves now at a time when planet Earth, our school, is about to close, simply because according to the Laws of Creation every material thing has a natural course of a beginning, development, and disintegration. Hence all the students – which are the human spirits, meaning all of us – are required to go through their journey of development at an accelerated speed and then either to successfully graduate and ascend to heaven or fail, and be lost forever.

Part Three: The Neutral Power

The power of God flows through the School of Planet Earth. If you will, this power can also be called energy or the living power.

This is the power that animates creation. Nothing can exist without it, and interrupting it is similar to the interruption of oxygen or the blood supply to the human body.

This power reaches planet Earth as a neutral power, which man can use according to his free will, and it then expressed as good or evil – depending on how it is used.

” And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth.” (Deuteronomy chapter 8:18)

My power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth.” (Deuteronomy chapter 8:17)

These two verses contain the secret of either a blessing or a curse. The secret of whether individuals, families, nations, or all of humanity will experience defeat or victory.

There is only one single Power in all of creation, and that is the Power of God.

Man can use it for good, when he obeys the Laws of Creation and remembers that God is the one who gives him the power to succeed and be victorious. Alternatively, man can use it wrongly, when he violates the Laws of Creation and believes that his own strength and the might of his hand made him successful.

Unfortunately, since the majority of humanity chose the second option, Planet Earth has become a dark place where the Darkness has the upper hand.

Now let’s go back to the first part of the article and focus on the first group: the Luciferian Souls and the seventh group: the Spirits of the Called Ones.

The main problem of humanity today is that the camp of the Darkness is strong while the camp of the Light is weak. We can see this clearly.

The camp of the Darkness is united and works day and night to fulfill its plan to destroy humanity.

The Darkness is not ignorant! The Darkness is very familiar with the Book of Revelation. The Darkness knows the plan of the Light, and it knows the Laws of Creation and how they work, and thus with scheming, elaborate strategies, it distorts and uses them to its own benefit.

On the other hand, does anyone know the plan of the Light?

And I don’t mean participating in protests and demonstrations against the Darkness and reacting to its moves. Because just like in a game of chess, whoever simply reacts to the opponent’s calculated moves – will surely lose. I mean a comprehensive plan that unites people behind it for a common goal.

Why do people all over the planet not know about the plan for the salvation of humanity?

How is it possible that it seems that the camp of the Darkness has more power than the camp of the Light since the Light is the source of all power?

The answer is that the Darkness managed to develop very sophisticated strategies to help it not only lure and topple all of humanity into its trap but also draw on the best and strongest power in creation: the power given to the Called Ones!

That is, that the main problem of humanity today is not the strength of the Luciferian Souls but the fact that the Called Ones did not awaken to their mission. Therefore, they are not aware of the Power at their disposal, and they do not use the Power given to them for this purpose. 

Many people know the symbol of the pyramid with the eye (you can check out the diagrams of all these symbols in the associated lecture), and most of them are sure that it originated and belongs to the Darkness.

But, in fact, this symbol is a symbol of the Light that the Darkness has taken over and distorted its original meaning.

  1. According to the Light: At the top of the pyramid stands God whose Power works in creation with Love on one side and Justice on the other.
    Divine Love and Justice are not aimed at what is comfortable and pleasant for man, but toward what benefits his spirit.
    Love and Justice are two arms which purpose is one: to lead man and humanity towards their highest goal.
    Similar to a parent who loves his children and because he only wants the best for them, sometimes he needs to take a soft approach and sometimes he needs to set clear boundaries.
  2. According to the Light, the higher a person is – that is, the more developed his spirit is, the more power he has – the more he has to serve those people who are below him.
    An example of this is the biblical Israelite leader, Moses. He was the only one who was allowed to ascend to the top of the mountain to receive the Word of the Lord, but his whole life was dedicated to serving the Israelites and guiding them – like a good and patient parent – during their transition from slavery to freedom.
    This should be the task of the 144,000 developed human spirits, whose role is to lead humanity, where the meaning of leading according to the Light is to serve.
    In other words, according to the Light,
    to resemble the Creator means to give,
    While to rule means to serve.
  3. Referring back to the pyramid, the eye is the symbol that nothing is hidden from God. It does not mean that God personally ‘watches’ us, but that it is impossible to evade, hide or circumvent His perfect Laws of Creation. 
  4. Man has free choice in relation to these Laws. No one forces them on him, as in a dictatorship. But he will have to bear all the consequences of his choices, in accordance with the automatic activity of the Laws of Creation. 

Now let’s see how the Darkness copied this structure and distorted it to serve itself:

  1. According to the Darkness: at the top of the pyramid stands Lucifer ho works in the world of matter with hatred on one side and injustice on the other.
    Luciferian hatred and injustice are aimed at the destruction of man, because Lucifer hates man and humanity and desires their destruction.
  2. According to the Darkness, the higher a person is – that is, the more material power he has – the more people have to serve him and, in fact, become his slaves! And that is precisely the goal of the rulers of the matrix. 
    In other words, according to the Darkness:
    To resemble Lucifer means to take, and to rule means to enslave. 
  3. Referring back to the pyramid, the eye is a symbol of the complete totalitarian control over humanity through digital surveillance and the enactment of arbitrary laws. The goal is to ‘keep an eye on us’, as all dictatorships throughout the history of the world have done, except that now it is reaching new heights.
  4. Man has no free choice in relation to these earthly laws. They are forced on him, and if he doesn’t obey them, he is deleted from the system.


Now, since the future of humanity depends on the work of the 144,000 Called Ones, the Darkness devotes tremendous efforts to diverting these spirits from their mission, and unfortunately it is succeeding, because the Called Ones also fall into the various traps and temptations that it sets for them.

In doing so, they transfer their power to the Darkness and rob humanity of the help that they were required to provide. Let me clarify that not all of humanity can be saved.  In fact, those who can still be saved are mainly those in the sixth group, that is, the awakened souls who long for the Light of Truth. 

The period of the Days of the Final Judgement is a time for the closing of all the karmic cycles and the purification of everything that does not comply with the Laws of Creation.

This is a fact that cannot be debated or changed, because it is the result of the Laws of Creation themselves.

The only question is what will happen during this process of purification: 

If the power continues to be in the hands of the Luciferian souls, it will lead to the destruction and annihilation of humanity.

If the power will return to the Called Ones, it will eventually lead to the healing of mankind.

If you ask yourselves, how is it that such a small number of people – 144,000 – can generate such a positive impact, you need to understand that the power of each Called One is similar to the power of a volcano or an atomic bomb compared to an ordinary person holding in his hand the power of a lighter or a candle.

Destruction or healing? This is the question and this is our choice as individuals and as humanity.

Therefore, the goal of Alma School for Humanity is to find these human spirits, help them remember their vow and fulfill it.

Because if they fail – the world will fall!

Only then, the awakened souls longing for the Light of Truth, will be able to find the answer to their longing, and only then will a strong camp of the Light be formed and will simply defeat the Darkness!

Part Four: The War on Consciousness 

Today, humanity is in the midst of a war on consciousness.

He who controls the mind, controls people without having to fire a single shot.

The Darkness controls the minds of most of humanity through the communication systems of the matrix: the mainstream media including press, television, and radio, and electronic media including cell phones, computers, and social media, which I call ‘mind stealers’, because they promote a shallow, superficial way of thinking.

When lies are repeatedly told over time, people eventually believe it to be the truth.

What can wake up humanity from the deep slumber it is in?

Why do most people fail to realize that they are prisoners of the matrix?

Why does it take more and more suffering in order for us to wake up?

Why can’t people open their minds and be receptive to something new? (Do you know that feeling when you talk to people about what’s really going on in the world and they just don’t understand what you’re talking about…)

To answer this million-dollar question, I want you to imagine Earth, surrounded by a thick and impenetrable layer of black clouds.

This layer is made up of clouds of dark thoughts that surround Planet Earth, and which actually create the mind prison. 

Now imagine that there is light beyond this dark layer of clouds, and in order for this light to penetrate and reach the consciousness and minds of people, this layer must be dissolved. 

Who can dissolve them?

Who can create the channels for the Light to penetrate this dark, think cloud layer?

The 144,000 Called spirits!

They can do it because they are already connected to the Light of Truth, and their power can disintegrate and melt away this layer!

They are the pioneers who have the ability to pave the way for a new human being and a new world.

Only when they exert their power, the centrifugal force will be able to begin to affect the awakened souls longing for the Light of Truth, and from there, it will spread to other groups and circles, and thus the salvation plan for humanity will be realized, which is the ascension plan of the human spirit.

Part Five: The Longing for the Lord that Brings Salvation

Anyone who offers only earthly and materialistic solutions to the sad state of humanity is a person imprisoned and confined within the walls of the matrix, which are built from an earthly and materialistic consciousness level.

We are in the midst of a spiritual battle! Not political, not economic nor medical, and this is why without intervention from the Light, we cannot win.

Throughout human history, help and salvation came to us, when we agreed to swallow our pride and raised our eyes to the heavens, to the Lord who always hears true prayer and sends his help to us.

“… But the Israelites continued to groan under their burden of slavery. They cried out for help, and their cry rose up to God.” (Exodus 2:23). 

This is how the Israelites were saved from Egypt.

“My best weapon is silent prayer.” A picture of Gandhi

Said Mahatma Gandhi, when he led the Indian independence movement in its struggle against the rule of the British Empire.

And Martin Luther King, the uncompromising fighter against racism said:

“I believe that there is a creative personal power in the universe who is the ground and essence of all reality-a power that cannot be explained in materialistic terms. History is ultimately guided by spirit, not matter… [when] there is no divine government, no absolute moral order, there are no fixed, immutable principles; consequently, almost anything – force, violence murder, lying – is a justifiable means to the ‘millennial’ end. This type of relativism was abhorrent to me”.

Anyone who defeated the Darkness worked with the Power of God which is the only power there is!

Therefore, we must always remember that it is not our strength and the might of our hands that will bring us salvation, but only God can give us the strength to be victorious.

And the Light always sends its help through its messengers.

Stay vigilant, so that you are able to recognize these messengers when they appear and extend your hand to them willingly and out of gratitude – because only through their help can you be saved.