Gym for Life


Gym For Life

Training the Spirit

Gym for life is a program that aims to enable every man and woman to recognize, develop and strengthen their spirit, allowing them to overcome their shortcomings, right their wrongs and fulfill their bestowed gifts in all aspects of life.

The program offers guidelines for implementation of the High Knowledge into everyday life, in order to develop the ability to differentiate between the voice of the spirit, the true self of every person, versus the intellect and the emotions. The precise distinction between our emotions and our spirit will serve as the basis to revolutionize mental care for the new human being in the new world.

The program is inspired by the deciphered codes of the Exodus and Moses’ spiritual training of the Israelites in the desert.

Gym for Life Consists of ten "Exercises"

Each addresses a certain aspect of the human existence, and together they reveal and teach the right way to live:

Training the Spirit

Nothing can withstand a strong spirit!
Such a spirit can conquer any difficulty
and climb any mountain!

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