Money and Spirituality according to the Laws of Creation. The Financial reasoning behind the Alma schools – Alma School for Humanity and Alma Inspira

Often one asks what is the right attitude toward money and acquisition of earthly possessions for the person who seeks spiritual development.The answer is twofold, and is clearly expressed in the high knowledge on which the Alma schools’ curriculum is based:On the one hand, man should not set the accumulation of wealth and possessions as … Read more

The Secret Covenant between Parents and Children

As I board the plane on my way to teach somewhere in the world, I pray. After all the pre-trip arrangements and tasks involved in organizing such a trip, I am finally ready and able to ask the Creator of the World for one thing: the inspiration to bring strength to the renewal of the … Read more

The Ten Commandments for Conscious Parenthood

In the new world, we will be required to understand that the purpose of our existence on planet Earth is development of our spirit through experiences in the material world.There are two ways to understand this requirement, through either suffering or awareness.Thus, he who chooses to walk the path of awareness will save himself a lot … Read more

Part 4: The Code of Exodus and Summary

The story of the Exodus from Egypt did actually occur historically; however, many codes and insights are also woven in it, which can shed light on the current state of humanity. *** Entering slavery as a code for falling for the principle of temptation. How was it that the Israelites, who were part of the … Read more

Part 3: The Code of Sodom and Gomorrah

A small and rich elite consisting of about one percent of the world’s population, controls most of Earth’s economic resources, and therefore is able to propagate any agenda for the control and domination of world-population as was the case with the Covid vaccine dictatorship.  In the face of this horrific injustice, the camp of the … Read more

Part 2: The Code of the Tower of Babel

This code deals with the prideful desire of man to be God, to glorify his own name and to expand the span of his own power and control. The builders of the Tower of Babel got together for a single purpose, which is materialistic ambition: “And they said: ‘Come, let us build us a city, … Read more